Brittany's Boys

Book Two of the Brides of Ullapool Series

          Brittany Drummond was the best waitress in Ullapool at the only pub in town and it was owned by her father. At nineteen, her dating pool was almost empty due to her overly protective, overly muscled father.

          Forced to go to Inverness to find dates, she meets a nice guy at a pub but loses track of him in the crowded bar. When he walks into her pub the next week, their intimate reunion wows the customers and riles up her father.

          Their attraction grows but each of them have decisions to make before they can get to their happily ever after.



Book One of the Brides of Ullapool Series


     Adria Daniels has everything, a nice house, a new car and a handsome husband.Until the day she realized none of it was hers.

     Now, leaving it all behind, especially the abusive husband, she sets out to build a new life for herself. She learns the true meaning of hard work, having friends and what love is all about.

     Until her husband comes to take her home.




Finding your Heart's Home


Pull up a chair and warm your feet. Sit back and let me tell ye some tales about lassies and laddies and how they found love and a place to call home.

Ye might want a hankie, there may be some tears. But ye'll hae a good time, I'm sure.

Ye can get the whole story when ye read the book but I'll give ye some wee teasers while ye sit here by the fire.

Emma Robuck]

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